Women’s Issues with Men

Life in today’s society (vs. the 50’s or 60’s) creates a complicated set of demands on women. Then we were to raise children and care for our home. Today we are expected to be “Superwomen” and take on multiple roles with unachievable levels of home, work and life balance. We frequently neglect ourselves while nurturing everyone else. Women also face many challenges in the midst such as health issues, surviving narcissistic abuse and raising children after divorce, co-dependency behaviors, taking care of aging parents, managing disappointment over life expectations, infertility and life changes such as empty nest or menopause. These problems all tax us while we try to balance all.

This can occur in mid-life or early in life as a twenty-something while coming into your own and establishing an identity.

Therapy can be a great antidote to the pressure. Our focus is not to blame males but to empower ourselves to take control of our own life and our own happiness.

I provide expert advice with education, experience and training in domestic violence and narcissistic abuse.

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