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Are You, Your Relationship, or Family Falling Apart?

Do you feel completely out of balance?

Do you frequently feel there isn’t enough of you to go around?

Does it feel like everyone else is managing and successful but you?

Do you often feel weak, ineffectual, unimportant or unheard?

Or maybe you have just gone through so many changes or losses in relationships or career that you aren’t sure how to move on.

Born to be Balanced helps you tackle tough problems involving communication, marriage/partner conflict, problem solving, grief and loss due to death or divorce, many forms of addiction and relationship problems and the effects of abuse.

*I am now a vetted professional with this organization.


I want to help you, your relationship and your family move from feeling disempowered to being empowered.

You were born to be balanced.  Stop suffering. Call today!

Sheryl E. Woodhouse, LMFT and Born to be Balanced has been balancing individuals, couples and families for almost two decades in all stages of life.

I, Sheryl E. Woodhouse, LMFT, believes that individual empowerment is not only the key to a balanced life but to emotional, psychological and spiritual freedom. (We are all imperfectly human and have our unique struggles!) We need to take love and take care of ourselves before we have energy to give to others!

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